Friday, May 17, 2013


I havent posted very much lately. Life has gotten pretty crazy. And when I say crazy, I mean CRAZY! So I guess I will start from the beginning. The last time I posted was in January, which is WAY too long. I guess I will just say some of the bigger things that happened. In the end of January my family and I went to Park City, Utah to go skiing. It was amazing! Sundance Film Festival was going on, so we got to go to that, and see some celebs, and crazy people. Some of the celebrities we saw were Paul Rudd, and Ashton Kutcher. We also saw a LOT of fur jackets. Don't wear fur jackets people. Its just not cool. In the beginning of February, I went on a retreat with my church, which was awesome. We went into inner city Philadelphia and volunteered at a couple different places. It was cool because my group actually went and volunteered at the same church that I volunteered at last summer. Not much actually happened in March, other than the fact that my little sister turned 12, and my dad turned 42. (I hope he isn't reading this.... he would probably kill me for telling you how old he is...). In the beginning of April, I went to my first Prom, and it was AWESOME. I had a GORGEOUS dress from ModCloth, I got to go with some of my amazing friends, and I actually kind of danced! Even though I cant dance..... In the middle of April, my friend Julia had her birthday party, and let me tell you, it was the coolest birthday party I have ever been to. Julia wants to be a detective, so the party was a Murder Mystery Party. Everyone got a character, and had to act like them the entire night. My character was Yune A. Varsity, a poor college student. It was really fun! On April 18, I turned 15!!!! Yay! In the beginning of May, I got a job!!!! Yay! I'm super excited! Not only because, I can finally start saving up for stuff, but because I actually have a responsibility now. And I love it too! Im actually working at a farmers market in New Castle, Delaware. So anyway, since I know you guys are DYING to know what I'm saving up for, the list will be at the end of this post. This weekend (tomorrow) My family, and our other really close friends, are all going camping up at Raystown Lake. Should be fun! I will take lots of pictures and will put them in a post when we get back. {Dreams/What I'm Saving Up For} ~MacBook Pro to edit pictures and stuff. ~iPhone. I need to get rid of my crappy phone that doesn't work. :P ~Canon 5d Mark ii ~Trip to Europe!!!!